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At Kuikiri Ryori Happou, we sincerely welcome each and every customer, always keeping in mind the concept of "one customer, one restaurant" which derives from the tea ceremony.

Using flavorful seasonal ingredients and well-honed techniques, we prepare dishes that will brighten up the moment. Please enjoy a luxurious moment that can only be enjoyed with Kuikiri cuisine.

For unforgettable moments for yourself or with your loved ones. At Happou, we work to achieve “special” for our customers in order to broaden our relationships.

About Kuikiri Ryori Happou

The commitment of Happou

Many of the ingredients, utensils, and interior furnishings used in the restaurant are prepared by our chefs who personally travel to production areas and kilns, keeping in mind the customers who choose Happou on their special day.

We put all that we can into the plate presented to our guests. We cater for our customers, grateful for their presence.

About Commitment


At Kuikiri Ryori Happou, we use fresh and flavorful ingredients from the local Okayama area and carefully selected seasonal ingredients from production areas across the country to prepare dishes that can only be eaten here and now.

Please feel free to contact us, whether it be regarding your requests, budgets, etc. Seasonal menus are also available.

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Kuikiri Ryori Happou
1F, 12-6 Yuminocho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama 700-0817
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