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"What would be a good name for the restaurant?" When we were children, we named our mother's restaurant "Happo," which has been a cherished name in our family. We opened "Kuikiri Cuisine Happo" in Okayama, proudly bearing our family's name.

In addition to the fresh local ingredients from Okayama, we gather the bountiful blessings of the mountains and seas from all over Japan to offer Japanese cuisine that reflects the changing seasons.

For those irreplaceable moments spent with loved ones or for special occasions to be remembered forever, we offer an extraordinary and warm atmosphere that will fill our customers' hearts beyond their imagination.

喰切料理 八方」料理人 羽村敏哉


Toshiya Hamura

Born in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture in 1962. Chef of "Kuikiri Cuisine Happo." Graduated from Okayama Higashi Commercial High School.

After five years of apprenticeship at a Japanese restaurant in Osaka, he opened a Japanese restaurant "Hinaichi" in Okayama in 1984. He then opened Japanese restaurants in various locations.

In 2018, he opened "Kuikiri Cuisine Happo." In the land guided by fate, he provides dishes that embody his experience, skills, and sincerity.

喰切料理 八方



Finest Ingredients from Okayama, His Hometown

At Happou Ryori, we have traveled across Japan to find the best ingredients and meet with producers directly in places like Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagasaki, and Kanazawa. We have sourced numerous ingredients that are not commonly found in Okayama.

While we have gained valuable experience by visiting various restaurants across Japan and establishing ourselves as a renowned restaurant, we have also discovered the unique charm of local ingredients. From rice to miso, we are proud to present the freshest and most delicious local ingredients directly to our customers at the counter.


A dish that expresses the moment

Kuikiri cuisine is a Japanese cuisine that has developed mainly in the Kansai region, centered around Osaka. It is a cuisine that is served during business negotiations, where the guests can express their true feelings, and the dishes are meant to be eaten on the spot.

The chef faces the customers across the counter, and provides dishes and conversation that can only be experienced in that moment.

Please take your time and enjoy the dishes until your heart and body are fully satisfied.


The Non-Everyday Life of a Chef

At Happou, we place great emphasis not only on providing our customers with a sense of non-routine in our cuisine, tableware, and environment, but also on providing our chefs with a sense of non-routine.

What we constantly keep in our hearts is the determination to provide our customers with fresh and innovative dishes, day after day, as we stand behind the counter with a sense of renewal.

We hope you enjoy our cuisine that never bores, as it changes with the seasons and is designed to keep you wanting more, no matter how many times you visit us.









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